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The Wren is an independent retail venture that supports and promotes handmade brands. We host events that provide small businesses the opportunity to showcase their products within the local community in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Handmade Night Markets - Makers


We are now accepting Maker applications for The Wren’s Handmade Night Markets at Local Market YQR! We are excited to host the first market of 2019 at Local Market YQR on Thursday March 14th as well as March 28th! We will have music and food as well as a few other surprises to make it a truly unique event. You won’t want to miss it! You may apply for one or both of these markets using this application form. Please apply by March 1, 2019.

Your Name *
Your Name
Please provide a 5-6 sentence description of your handmade product & the techniques used in creating your work. Outline your process, materials used & demographic. **NOTE: This description will be used to promote your business to potential buyers when we do our Maker Profiles on social media so it is important to be as specific and descriptive as possible.
Tell us about yourself as a Maker. Include pertinent background information if applicable. (training, education, self-taught etc.)
If you have any additional information about your business or product that you would like us to share, please provide it here.
Photos *
Table/Display *

application INFORMATION

Photo Submission Guidelines
• Email 4 - 6 photos to 
• Subject Line: Thursday Night Photos
• Photo Names: "YourBusinessName_1" etc ...
• Please include one photo of your display from a previous market. (if you have one)
**Important** Photographs of your work is your most valuable marketing tool. Poor quality photos make it difficult to represent your work accurately and could potentially result in an application not being accepted.

• You will be notified of your status via email by March 4, 2019.

Jurying Process
We will jury the Makers to ensure a variety of quality products are available at the market. The products must be well-made, on-trend with strong branding and product line cohesiveness. 
*All work must be original and handmade by the applicant.

*For this event to be successful it is important for all participating Makers to advertise appropriately via social media, word of mouth & advertising materials (posters etc). It's with your help that this event will be a great one!

If you are unable to attend please contact us as soon as possible. Refunds will be provided before March 11, 2019. Cancellations after this date will have fees refunded at the discretion of The Wren.

Fee:  $50
• includes approximately 8’x 6’ space
*shared spaces are unavailable
*Please bring your own display, table & chairs
*Please do not submit payment until you have received an acceptance email

Event Information

Date:  March 14 & 28, 2019.
Time:  5pm to 9pm
Location:  Local Market YQR, The Docks Room, 1377 Hamilton St. Regina, Sk.

If you have any questions, please email Michelle or Jennifer at and we will be happy to help!

Happy Making!
Jennifer & Michelle